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Black magic removal mantra 

Black magic removal mantra (129 reviews)

Published by Astrologer jay Sharma ji

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If you are troubled by black magic, then Shabar Kali mantra with black light will protect you.Black magic is such an evil power or evil energy that has a bad effect on someone, you can get rid of the problem of your life by using the mantra to remove black magic. it is a type of negative vision and to protect against this negative vision, there is a provision in Vastu Shastra to increase positive energy. The effect of energy works, in order to increase positive energy, many types of provisions are also indicated in Vastu Shastra, such as for example to remove any type of Vastu defect. To do this, five basil plants should be planted on the roof or roof of the house in the north-east direction. If you cannot plant five, then at least one basil plant must be planted in this direction. This reduces the negative effect coming in the house. It has been told in detail in Vastu Vigyan and Vastu Shastra that people coming to the house from outside also sometimes bring some negative energy with them.

Black magic removal mantra in hindi | Powerful Hanuman Mantra | Most Powerful Mantra To Remove Fear Black Magic 

Sita ji had put on this shield of Shri Ramji. If you are also surrounded by any trouble or trouble, then chant this mantra to protect yourself. This mantra should always be chanted in mental form.
If you are suffering from any unwanted fears, ghosts, enemies, then chant this Beej Mantra of Hanuman ji as much as possible: Ham Hanumante Namah.
To get rid of disputes, litigation or strife etc., chant this mantra: Hun Hanumante Rudratratakaya Hoon Phat.

  • To get rid of obstacles, chant this mantra: Hanumannjani Suno Vayuputra Mahabala:. Accidentally catastrophic destruction.
  • To overcome the financial crisis, chant this mantra: Om Namo Hanumante Aveshaya Aveshaya Swaha.
  • To get rid of disease, enemy, calamity or suffering, recite this mantra: Om Namo Hanumante Rudravataray Sarvashatrusamharanay Sarvarog Harai Sarvavasikaranaya Ramdutaay Svaha.
  • Shri Hanumante Namah. Chanting this mantra 108 times with a rosary of Rudraksh or Tulsi, your bad work will also be done and your wish will also be fulfilled. After chanting this mantra, offer vermilion mixed with jasmine oil to Hanumanji and show a lamp of jasmine oil.

These mantras of Hanuman ji are considered very powerful and miraculous. Doing them in lessons gives double benefit. Well, it must be chanted every Saturday and Tuesday. By doing this you can eliminate black magic. And you can remove your family from black magic forever.


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