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How to break marriage 

How to break marriage (129 reviews)

Published by Astrologer jay Sharma ji

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Do you want to break marriage of someone or your marriage? Are you looking for How to break up a couple with black magic? The reason for breaking marriage of someone and your own marriage is always different. Sometimes we come across the situation in our life that it’s become difficult for us to survive in our marriage or love life.  And we get depressed because of this. So it’s become very important for us to break marriage of someone or self-marriage. Our astrologer can help you if your reason to break a marriage is genuine.  Below we are discussing some reason considering which our expert can help you to break your marriage or someone else.

Reason to break your marriage:-

  • If your wife is cheating on you like
    • You live away from him because of your business or job and meanwhile, she had the physical relationship with someone else and when you get to know about it you think of giving him a chance but she is ignoring you and not giving you divorce to break marriage and vice verse
    • Your wife is in relation with your friend and someone your friend told you this and you warn your friend and wife but your wife is warning you that she will go against you in court for domestic violence and won’t break marriage with you and will not leave your friend too and vice versa. The same situation can be in his office with his colleague and vice versa
    • If your wife were in the physical relationship with someone else before marriage and you got to know about him on the first night of marriage and she still has a relationship with her ex and in order to leave you he is demanding high alumni.
    • If you recently came to know that your children are not your children he/she is someone else and when you ask this to your wife she is ignoring you and not giving the satisfactory answer that’s why you want to break marriage and even don’t want that child.
    • You want to breakingup someone's marriage because your marriage was against your choice and now you are not happy with your partner and vice versa and many more

Reason to break someone else marriage or your girlfriend boyfriend marriage:-

  • You want to break marriage of your friend or someone else because
  • Your friend had tried to create misunderstanding between you and your spouse by letting you know or informing that your spouse is in relationship with someone else and he/she has seen him many times in different-different hotels with a particular guy because of which your marriage reached on the stage of break up but by god grace all get clear with your spouse and you want to make him feel that how it feels when you go through this situation
  • Your friend see your spouse with wrong eyes or evil eye and once said that he/she wants to have the physical relationship with your partner and when you break your friendship with him then he had tried many ways to influence your partner that he/she left you
  • You want to break marriage of your girlfriend because this marriage is against his choice or decision as she wants to marry you and his family not allowing him
  • You want to break marriage or engagement of your friend because he/she loves another guy and because of his/her father fear he/she has not revealed this truth to his/her parents and you feel that he/she will not be happy after marriage.
  • You want to break marriage of your boyfriend as he is going to marry with another girl and he is giving excuses that he was with you just to fulfill his physical needs and how he can get married with such a girl who has physical relationship with a guy before marriage and he doesn’t know how many times you had physical relation with other guys and he don’t trust you and vice versa and many more

If your reason to break marriage is one of this and if you have another reason which is genuine then you can contact our specialist in order to know that how to break marriage and we have a firm belief that if they found your reason to break marriage is genuine then they will surely help you.

How to break marriage by black magic-break up spell chant free

How to break up a marriage without them knowing? Are you not feeling happy with your partner? Are you having lots of trouble in your marriage?  Do you feel that only way to get rid of all these problems is to break your marriage?  If yes then our recommendation is to contact the expert on break marriage by black magic.  Our expert has years of experience in performing black magic break up spell chant free that can help you in solving your problem.  He can give your powerful mantra to how to break the marriage. So what are you waiting for just get in touch with us and get a satisfactory answer to your question i.e. How to stop someone marriage by mantra.

How to break marriage before/after engagement-Break your lover marriage

Has your lover done an engagement because his family was pressurizing him but he/she is not happy because he/she wants to marry you or your loving parents have fixed engagement of your lover? do want a solution on how to stop unwanted marriage? Are you finding the easy way to break marriage before after engagement without knowing them? If yes then we suggest you contact our expert and get the effective mantra from him.  Below we are giving one effective totke to break marriage:-

Totka to break the marriage

  • Take a fresh lemon on midnight on Saturday
  • write the name of your girlfriend/boyfriend with vermilion or roli on it
  • and turn it over your head 7 times and keep it under pillow and sleep.
  • Repeat this action continuously for 10 days

This is the very effective totka if you will use it your lover marriage will surely break and he will come back to you.  If you have any query regarding this totke then feel free to contact us. If this totka doesn’t work for you then we are sure that you are doing something wrong and to know what you are doing wrong just contact to our expert and then start this totke again to break an Indian marriage.

How to break marriage in islam-Break your girlfriend marriage

Do you want to break marriage of your girlfriend because her parents have fixed his marriage without taking his advice i.e. whether he wants to marry there or not?  I want to break up someone's relationship, Are you finding effective ways to break marriage in islam then we suggest you contact expert of break marriage in islam who has complete knowledge of mulim tantra and performing its ritual as the small mistake in performing these rituals can spoil your life or harm you?  And if you are not finding an expert near to your then you can contact to our expert they have years of experience in solving problems of youngsters who were facing this problem not only they will help you in break marriage of your girlfriend/gf after engagement in India they will also help you in getting married to him.  We are giving one remedy here to break marriage of your girlfriend/boyfriend or arranged marriage or any Indian marriage:-

  • Start the initiation from Thursday.
  • On the bank of a river, keep 5 pieces of goat's calf daily (the heart of goat), desi chicken egg, 7 small cardamoms, one bottle of wine, 7 cloves, 7 betas you can ask it on any confectionary store near you, Saraso oil lamp.
  • Wear clothes of any color and sit in the seat.
  • Draw a circle around you and light the lamp.
  • Start the ritual from Ganesh Pooja. Chant one mala of a Lord Shiva Mantra
  • After this recipe the 10 mala of the following mantra

                                                  उत्तम गुचम भैरों काली अलफ लाम मीम

  • After the above chant, reconcile all the items and put them on an intersection of a road i.e. choraha in common language and make a circle around it with alcohol.
  • Finally, break the egg onto the ground. Continue this action for 21 consecutive days.

This method can be used to marry a person. If his marriage is fixed elsewhere, then all the procedures will be similar to breaking the marriage. At the end, when you break the egg only, repeatedly say to yourself, as the egg breaks, the relationship breaks in the same way.

Do this procedure only if you have full confidence as the small mistake in performing these rituals can take your life. Although we have tried our best to give you complete information about the following remedy to break off marriage or other marriage if you still have any query then you can contact us.  Your entire query will be resolved for free. And if you want we can also do this for you at reasonable price and satisfaction is guaranteed as our experts have years of experience in performing these rituals and has already helped many individuals who came to seek help from him with a genuine reason.

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