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How to solve husband wife relation by astrology

How to solve husband wife relation by astrology 

How to solve husband wife relation by astrology (129 reviews)

Published by Astrologer jay Sharma ji

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Are you facing any complications in the relationship between husband and wife? Searching for the best mantra so that you can solve your problem in a short period. Then you are in the right place because our astrologer is going to discuss some knowledge about how to solve husband wife relation by astrology. With the help of the tips given by our world-famous astrologer, you can solve all life issues to make your life trouble-free. So if you want to know about more ways then you have to read the complete article with full of concentration and dedication. You can also contact our astrologer on the given number +91-7728998767.

How to improve husband-wife relations?

As we all know that the relationship between husband and wife is one of the most profound relations as compared to any other relation. But when sudden misunderstandings can arise in between. Then it affects both of the partners. But if love is still present in the relationship. then definitely any of them even both again try some ways by which they can again improve their husband-wife relation. Thus, by keeping them in concern we can provide you with some of the astrological remedies for husband wife problems.

How to stop the husband's wife fight by astrology?

Well, it is mandatory for those couples who are planning for the love marriage to match their Kundli. Because sometimes our horoscope and their positions can not get match and due to which after marriage the couples have to face a lot of issues. But in order to stop all the husband-wife fight, our astrologer can provide you with som,e of the astrological remedies that we mention for you in the below paragraph when you will scroll down the page you will get to know in detail about it.

  • When the atmosphere of the house becomes very high, negative energy is inhabited in the house, so also disputes arise between husband and wife in the house. To remove negative energy from the house, apply salt water mop every day.
  • You must make sure that you are using sea salt. Many times, the husband is also on a normal basis in his wife, he stays for some time. But if this dispute continues in the marriage life, then you can worship Maa Gauri Shankar.
  • While entering the home, that is, during the warm-up ceremony of the house, you can plant a banana tree. But it should not be kept outside the house or verandah. You can also plant it in the vicinity of the temple where you visit regularly.

What are the astrological remedies for solving the dispute between husband and wife?

Well, there is certain kind of astrological remedies that you can easily perform and even you are not in need of much more things to get it accomplished. But when you will perform these remedies then you will get its effective results. But you must have to keep one thing in mind is that in order to perform it the presence of the husband and wife is mandatory. Thus, these remedies are mention for you in the following manner:

  • The first and the foremost remedy is that when you will feed curd and milk to the stray and greedy dogs then they will invoke blessings on both the husband and wife that helps in improving the relationship.
  • The other one is that when you will donate the clothes to needy people every Thursday will bless the couples with lots of love and happiness in between them.
  • And except these are certainly more remedies that you can perform like giving rice to people on friday's if it is possible for you so that you can resolve all your husband's wife problems.

What are the Lal Kitab remedies to control the husband?

The prior thing that we will let you know is about the meaning of Lal Kitab. It is basically a kind of book that contains all the remedies and the effective totkas with the help of which you can solve any of your problems. Like if your relationship is suffering a lot just because of your husband's anger which is not a certain point impossible for you to handle. And due to this, each day ends with quarrels only. Then you don't have to worry at all. Because when you will for once perform these Lal Kitab remedies to control husband. Then you will surely be able to control your husband.


If too searching for the ways of astrology to solve husband wife relation problems. Then you can definitely get succeeds in it. What you have to do is just contact us immediately on the given number. We can provide you with the best and the most feasible solutions.


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