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How to stop marriage 

How to stop marriage (129 reviews)

Published by Astrologer jay Sharma ji

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Many times you do not agree to get married but still your marriage is fixed and in such a situation how to stop the marriage. You start trying to break your marriage. But still you are not able to stop your marriage. If your marriage has been fixed and you are trying to break it. So you must read this article. Because today we are going to tell you that whom you can break your fixed marriage in time.

How to stop marriage after engagement

How to stop marriage after engagement is often seen. Our parents fix our engagement with such a person. Which we don't like Due to which we start getting upset and after engagement, we start searching for tricks to break the marriage. Which our family does not even know and our marriage also breaks down. Today we have brought you some tricks to break the marriage, using which you can be successful in breaking the marriage after engagement.

Remedies to break marriage | ways to break spiritual marriage

In India, the decision of the marriage of children is mostly in the hands of the parents and there are some parents who decide their marriage without the consent of their children and when this happens, the children are not happy with their marriage. And they do not want to get married. For this, they want to do tricks, friends, use these measures

You will get success by chanting Shree Sukta, Lakshmi Sukta and Kavach regularly till 07 Mondays for the remedy to break the marriage. Do not leave on any Monday.

For the remedy to break the marriage, by worshiping the Shukra Yantra containing the jerkin on the new moon day and wearing that locket around your neck, your wish to break your marriage will definitely be fulfilled.

For the remedy to break the marriage, your wish will be fulfilled by offering bitter oil and black sesame on the rock of Lord Shani Dev ji on Saturday.

For the remedy to break the marriage, by chanting the Shukra Mantra, wearing it with source, armor, your wish to break your marriage will definitely be fulfilled. This method has to be done regularly on 07 Fridays.

For the remedy to break the marriage, the girl should wear the energized Mohini Kavach and the chanting of Kamadeva Mantra would have been a beneficial accomplishment. You will definitely get success.

By using these remedies, you can break anyone's or your own marriage. And the person you love. Your marriage will be fixed with them. Remedies to break marriage must be done once. And you can get rid of the problems of your life.




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