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Love astrology

Love astrology

Love this is the word which has the power to make anyone life happy or disturbed.  Do you know what the best moment in one’s life is?  Hearing “I love you” from someone first time.  Hearing “I love you” from someone is intoxicating than any other drug.   When you find your perfect partner for the first time you may feel yourself on the seventh sky.   At the beginning of the love, man becomes capricious some time.   And if your love separates from you then the life becomes hell.   And the problem in love relationship whether it is before marriage or after the marriage has become common.  So it’s very important to know everything in advance i.e. whether a man or a woman whom you want to marry or with whom you want to spend your whole life is perfect for you or not.   And this is the point or stage where love astrology can help us in anticipate the compatibility with the partner so that you can take wise decision according to that.   Love astrology works on the 12 zodiac signs. if you are facing the problem in your relationship with your ex then With the help of, our specialist will become easy for you to answer will i get my love back astrology will answer you for it

Finding out which girl is compatible for you are very important and love astrology services are the key to success in relationship according to Indian Vedic astrology.  In the event, you also want to determine your love compatibility with your partner then just get in touch with our worldwide esteemed Love Marriage problem solution specialist expert Astrologer.

Love astrology by name

Love has become a puzzle in today's life. To solve this confusing world of relationships or problems in relationship many solutions have been reported in astrology, one of which is Love astrology by name. Through this method you can understand the depth of your love with your partner.  With the help of our Love astrology services you can check your compatibility with your current partner, if you do not even know the date of your partner, you can still know about your relationship on the basis of name.  It works based on the score of Love Calculator.  In the event problems come in your love compatibility with your partner and you still wants to spend your whole life with same person then our astrologer will give you effective permanent solution of your problem for an example you can change the name of your partner as per the suggestion of our Love marriage problem solution guru ji in india.  Are you wondering does this work?  Absolutely works our astrologer doesn’t suggest the name by their own will they use the panchang and then see which name is getting compatibility with your name and then suggest the name.  Change your name can change your whole life or direction of life.  There are many bollywood celebrities who have changed their name and today they are so successful we will not reveal the name of celebrities here you can Google it.  In the event you want to ensure your bright future with your love partner or you have any other problem in your love relationship you can avail Love problem solution by astrology services of our world renowned and famous astrologer.

Love astrology by date of birth and time-love marriage compatibility

Marriage compatibility is a word that boasts many feelings inside it.  Whereas for parents this creates anxiety, fear, anger, suspicion etc., while for the young people it gives a high level of satisfaction, hope and happy future imagination.  This marriage was in existence since the early period of Indian culture and it was known as 'Gandharva Marriage'.  Due to the affection and love of this type of marriage, the youth and the women are tied in marriage bonds, regardless of social beliefs and the reluctance of their parents.   The love-marriage can be self-resident, interracial or inter-religious.  There are many factors which play a decisive role in the formation of such situations.  Different values of the horoscope and Bhavesh from the perspective of love marriage, the third house is also very important along with Pancham, Satam, Navam and lagna bhaav.   The fifth house affects the person's love relationships, gentle emotions, friendship, determination, courage and planning, etc. as well as the realization of ideas.   The seventh house controls the marriage mate, marriage, coincidence, sexuality, husband and wife relationship etc.  In this type of marriage, there is a lot of enthusiasm and courage required for marriage so a subtle analysis of third house is also necessary.   And only an expert can predict the love marriage compatibility accurately by date of birth and our astrologer is one of them he has complete knowledge of Vedic astrology and he also has good knowledge of lal kitab . You can get marry with your desired person after getting Astrological way to convince someone for love marriage from an expert. If you also wants to check success in your love marriage by date of birth and time then contact our astrologer.

Love astrology by birth chart-predict your affections life in advance accurately

Birth chart is obtained by using date of birth, time and place of birth.  It is also called lagna kundli.  With the help of this we can determine how affection, business, financial life will be in future.  But today we will focus on love astrology only.  If you have got married without checking your love marriage compatibility and now you are facing problem then it may be because of manglik dosha in the kundli.  Other planet that can disturb love life is Venus and also cause delay in marriage.  If you want to get your horoscope analyzed you can meet with our specialist.  We are providing best love astrology by birth chart services at an affordable price.

General remedy to remove problems from love relationship

  1. Worship lord Shiva and mata Parvati  along with this you can also have fast on Monday and you can chant the following panchakshari mantra dedicated to lord Shiva


  1. You can chant lakshmi narayan mantra i.e.


  1. You can chant lord Ganpati mantra i.e.


You can also chant Lord Ganpati Gayatri Mantra

OM Tatpurushaya Vidmahe, VakratunDaya

DhImahi,Tanno Danti Prachodayat

  1. If you know which planet is creating problem for you then you can recite the mantra of the particular planet and for your convenience we are giving navgrah mantra below


Navagraha Mantras


Surya Mantra: Om Hreeng Hrong Suryaay Namah

Chandra Mantra: Om Aing Kleeng Somaay Namah

Mangal Mantra: ‘Om Hung Shreeng Bhomaay Namah

Budh Mantra: Om Aing Shreeng Shreeng Budhaay Namah

Guru Mantra: Om Hreeng Cleeng hung Brihsptaye Namah

Shukra Mantra: Om Hreeng Shreeng Shukraay Namah

Shani Mantra: Om Aing Hreeng Shreeng Shanaishcharaay Namah

Rahu Mantra: Om Aing Hreeng Raahave Namah

Ketu Mantra: Om Hreeng Aing Ketave Namah

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*Disclaimer: There is no guarantees that every person using this service will get their desired results for sure. Astrological results depend on a lot of factors and the results may vary from person to person.

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