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Vashikaran mantra to control women

Vashikaran mantra to control women 

Vashikaran mantra to control women (129 reviews)

Published by Astrologer jay Sharma ji

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Vashikaran of the desired married woman:- If you too have given your heart to a married woman and you want to get her in any situation but are afraid to tell her your heart, you have all the ways to control her. Have used the tricks of K, yet you are failing to control that woman, then with the help of our vashikaran mantra, you can control a married woman.

Vashikaran mantra to control women | Do you also start liking a woman who does not like to talk even if she looks at you? For this you want to know female vashikaran tricks. Today we will tell you why men want to use female vashikaran mantra. And what should be the mantra and tricks to subdue any woman. Seeing the beauty of the face, men are attracted towards women, this is absolutely right. But the relationship cannot be sustained for long on the basis of beauty alone. Know the qualities of women, which impress men. Fearless and confident women are very much attracted to men. In fact, men feel comfortable and relaxed with such women. At the same time, they feel that they will not have much trouble in dealing with the difficulties. Apart from this, many men, no matter what they look like from outside, they are very timid or shy from inside.

How can we control women with the Vashikaran Mantra? Easy remedies and tricks for female captivity

It is said that a woman's mind is very fickle and it is very difficult to please her. Some young people do nothing to get the love they want. They bring the girl to the best place, respect her and also talk with love. After all this, they are afraid to tell their mind to the girl.

Apart from this, at times they even dare to tell their heart to the girl, but they get disappointed when the girl's proposal is turned down. In times like these, if you resort to easy tricks of female subjugation, we claim that the girl will never be able to refuse the offer. Come, know the easy tricks of women-

Mantra - Om Kreem Kleem Kree (name of woman) Bhasma Swaha. By chanting this mantra, you can tame a woman

First of all, take a leaf of a Peepal tree and write the name of the woman you want to subdue on it. After this, chant the given mantra 108 times. Mantra - Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Sri {Take the name of the woman) Vashu Kuru Kuru Swa.

To tame the woman, put a pinch of vermilion on the paper and do this totka on Saturday by chanting the mantra 'Om Kaleem Fatt'.

To subdue the woman, you should use these tricks mentioned by us. It is very important to chant mantra to attract any woman towards you. No woman will be able to refuse anything.

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