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vashikaran totke for husband at home

vashikaran totke for husband at home 

vashikaran totke for husband at home (129 reviews)

Published by Astrologer jay Sharma ji

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Do you also want to know sitting at home? Vashikaran totke for husband at home | It is often seen that some women are very upset after marriage. Her husband dislikes her. fight fights He doesn't even want to have a relationship with his wife. Due to which the husband and wife get divorced. Do you want to know husband vashikaran totke to save your broken relationship. By using which you can get your husband's love back. Today you can know Powerful Vashikaran Mantra for Husband.

Why you need vashikaran totkeif your husband in not under your control ?

Often there is a quarrel between all the husband and wife, but sometimes there is such great disharmony between the husband and wife that along with love and dedication in their life, their married life also ends and they People do not even like to see each other's face, far from believing each other's words. At the same time, everyone wants that their husband obeys all their words and remains under the control of his wife. So let's know the totke to control your husband and you too can be happy in your married life.

Husband vashikaran totke in hindi | Simple lal kitab totake to control your husband

If you are also upset due to your husband's anger and nature, then you should also control your husband by adopting these measures.

  • In the midnight of Saturday, take seven cloves and blow it 21 times with the name of your husband and burn them in the fire on the next Sunday.

  • Take a betel leaf and mix sandalwood and saffron powder on it. After this, install the idol of Maa Durga on a red cloth and place the paan at the feet of the mother.

  • The husband is subdued by taking 3 long leaves from the top of the sleeping husband 7 times and feeding the husband in tea or dhud.

  • Tie a little alum and vermilion on a betel leaf and come under the Peepal tree on Wednesday morning or evening by pressing it with a big stone.

Throw vermilion on your husband and throw it in the flowing water. If you do this remedy at least five times, then soon your husband will be in control.

• On Saturday evening, take two whole grains of urad and put some curd-vermilion on them and keep it under the Peepal tree for 21 days, taking care not to look back while coming back.

You also want to keep your husband under your control. You also want to chant Vashikaran Mantra to make your married life happy. You too can completely control your husband by using husband vashikaran remedy. And your husband who didn't listen to you. Will start obeying everything you say. Your husband won't even look at anyone except you.

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